The Ford Mustang is an automotive and pop culture icon that captures the spirit of America — adventure, freedom, and independence — better than any other car.

In 1964, Ford’s new pony car was immediately embraced by the “Mustang” generation — those Baby Boomers who blossomed into a huge buying force — and were looking for a new car that fit their fun-loving and go-fast lifestyle. The Mustang, because its DNA included affordability, performance and cachet, was that car. One million Mustangs were sold in the first 18 months.

Lee Iacocca and his team hit the marketing jackpot. The Mustang redefined the Ford brand and became the company’s most popular car since the Model T. “It is arguably the most important vehicle we have ever made,” says Henry Ford III.

This 2-DVD set tells the story of America’s love affair with the Mustang through the eyes of collectors, enthusiasts, journalists and ex-Ford employees who were there at the beginning, including Mustang designer Gale Halderman.

Mustangs of all generations were shot in beautiful high definition, wide-screen video and are featured along with rarely seen historical footage from the Ford Archives. There is also a segment on the Ford racing adventures of Carroll Shelby and others.

Loaded with historical facts, recent interviews, and new footage of classic Mustangs in action.

2-DVD Collector’s Set

Running time: 2 hours, 30 minutes
Acquired in HD, Presented in 16X9
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• This all-new, Ford-licensed DVD charts the amazing story of the Mustang from the early years, through the launch in 1964 — the most successful in automotive history - to how the Mustang changed through five generations (1964-2014).

• New hi-def, widescreen footage of many of the great Mustangs through 2014 plus preview footage of the first new Mustang for the next 50 years — the 2015 Mustang GT.

• Interviews with Gale Halderman (who drew the chosen sketch), Mustang expert Jeff Burgy, Henry Ford III, and authors John Clor, Matt Stone, and Bob Fria.

• Archival footage mixed with new HD video of enthusiasts talking about their love affair with this iconic sports car.

• This new DVD will dazzle and delight Mustang lovers and anyone who enjoys seeing this fascinating era of automotive history.

• Opinions expressed in this DVD are not necessarily those of Ford Motor Company.

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