5th GENERATION – 2005-2014

by Jeff Burgy

The 5th generation of Mustang was introduced in 2005. There was a lot of interest in it because everyone had heard that the styling was changing dramatically, and all the enthusiasts were pleasantly surprised to see what a pretty car it was. The car was introduced in Nashville, Tennessee during the celebration of the Mustang's 40th anniversary.

The new Mustang had a 105-inch wheel base and a new engine - a 4.6-liter 3-valve single overhead cam engine rated at 300 horsepower. The body styling was reminiscent of vintage Mustangs – the back end looked like a 1969 Mach 1, where the fastback roof reached all the way to the back.

In 2006 they introduced the Shelby GT-H, which was a take-off on the Hertz Shelby from 1966. These new versions were painted black with gold stripes like the original GT350H cars from the 60s. The engine  provided 319 horsepower, boosted with a special intake exhaust and performance axle. 

In 2007 Shelby introduced the Shelby GT, modified and finished at Shelby’s plant in Las Vegas, NV. They were powered by a lightly modified Mustang GT 4.6-liter engine with 319 horsepower, and offered in white or black with silver stripes.

These cars didn't really have any performance options, but with the racing stripes and hood scoop, they LOOKED like Shelbys. In 2008, they added a convertible model and additional colors.

Ford also introduced the Shelby GT500 in 2007, built completely in-house at their Flatrock, MI Assembly Plant. These cars had engine, suspension and Shelby styling cues added by SVT. They were powered by a supercharged version of the 5.4-liter “Modular” motor with 500 horsepower.

Another Bullitt car was produced in 2008. It was available in Highland Green, with a souped-up engine, lowered suspension, unique 18-inch 5-spoke wheels, and different rear end gears.

Also in 2008 came the introduction of the  Shelby GT500KR. It offered 540 horsepower at the base of your foot. In 2011, the GT500 was upgraded to 550 horsepower and an aluminum block. The 2013 model of the GT500 came with 662 horsepower.

Any one of these Shelby Mustangs can be brought to the Shelby’s Las Vegas Mod Center and be upgraded from a GT500 to a Shelby Supersnake. You can have your choice: 750 or 1000 horsepower. Just take your pick.

Some sheet metal changes were made on the front and back ends in 2010. Ford continued developing performance packages of their own. In 2011, a V6 was offered with 305 horsepower. This V6 GT program was very popular – you got good fuel economy with comparable performance to a V8 from yesteryear. 

With these improvements, we've had a lot of horsepower put to the ground and some really collectible cars were produced that will be worth a lot of money in the future.

And, of course, everyone is looking forward to the all-new 2015 model.

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