What they are saying about TM’s new Mustang DVD…

“No matter what generation of Mustang you own or are a fan of, Mustang The First 50 Years will have you on the edge of your seat with its great story telling and crisp cinematography.”
Mustang Monthly

“Entertaining and enlightening.”
Mustang Times

“Packed with hot shot visuals and a turbo-charged narrative, this is a great ride that will surely appeal to car buffs. Highly recommended.”
Video Librarian, Editor’s Choice, 4 out of 4 Stars

“This Video was so inspiring, my husband and I went out and actually purchased a Ford Mustang. Tom McComas’ production was so wonderful, it brought back the past with so much vigor. We recommend it highly to all Ford owners and naturally anyone who has known about the Ford Mustang. It would make an amazing gift. One word: TOPNOTCH! Thank you, Mr. McComas.”
Amazon -- 5 Stars

“Director Tom McComas does a wonderful job of bringing back the past with so much life and energy. The way McComas tells the story is brilliant. I am not surprised people bought a Mustang after seeing this movie. My recommendation to anyone who owns a Ford or a Mustang – buy this DVD.”
Movie Roar

“The quality of the Mustang DVD is superb and the sound and visuals are exquisite. This is definitely one of those DVDs that you will want for your DVD library.”
The Hollywood Examiner

“This DVD shows how the Mustang became an icon and does it with flair and showmanship. What a sweet ride down memory lane.”
YAP Movie Reviews

“Entertaining mix of minutiae and lionizing. Mustang fans will love it.”
Desert News

“An excellent portrayal of the 50 year progression of the Mustang. Well researched pictures and video used throughout.”
Robert Fria – Author, Mustang Genesis

“This is a ‘must have’ for every Mustang enthusiast. Far surpasses any previous show on Mustang.”
Steven Tapper, Mustang historian and treasurer, Mustangs of Maryland

“Mustang DVD by TM is very well done. Enlightened approach with interesting pictures and dialogue.”
Gale Halderman, Former Ford Design Director

“Wow! Fantastic. The Mustang Nation is going to love this. Best ever.”
William Deary, The Carroll Collection

“Covers every Mustang model. By far the best show on Mustang ever produced.”
Al Rice, Ford Marketing, retired

“Fabulous! Great quality and value.”
Matt Stone, Automotive Journalist

“I put it on and could not stop watching it! Love it!”
Mike Bey, President, Mustang Owners Club of Southeast Michigan

“Fantastic video, full of interesting Mustang information. Keeps your attention the whole time. Thanks for producing a great video.”
Robert Miller, President, TN Valley Mustang Club

“Entertaining and enlightening perspective of Mustang’s 50 years.”
Mustang Times

“Fascinating documentary covering Mustang’s 50 years. All-new HD mixed with archival footage. Extraordinary.”
Midwest Book Review

“I think everyone should buy this new Mustang DVD.”
Tom McComas, Producer, New Mustang DVD


2-DVD Collector’s Set

Running time: 2 hours, 30 minutes
Acquired in HD, Presented in 16X9
SRP: $19.99
Now Available

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